Info | 4 men preparing to haul a large boat on a semi-truck

Do you have some questions about the process of transporting a boat? How do you prepare for a boat haul? What signs should you look for before hiring a transporting company? How big even is a yacht? We have you covered with some in-depth info on some of our most commonly asked questions.

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Get some info on the proper preparation of your boat before hauling. Knowing what to do to prepare is vital to assure a safe and successful move. Please follow these suggestions to get your boat ready for moving day…


Being informed is the best way to choose a boat hauler. The following are tips from C and J Transport to help inform consumers on what to look for when hiring someone to transporting your boat.

How Big is a Yacht?

The discussion as to what constitutes a yacht has been long debated. Some people use the following table…

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