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Relocating your sailboat is a substantial project that demands meticulous planning, acquiring permits, and adhering to strict safety measures to ensure a secure transit. At C and J Transport, our primary commitment is to guarantee the safe and unblemished arrival of your vessel at its designated destination. With our dedicated focus on safety, we navigate the intricate process with precision, utilizing specialized sailboat hauling equipment, time-tested transport procedures, and leveraging our extensive experience. This comprehensive approach ensures the secure truck transport of your boat throughout the continental United States, addressing all complexities involved in the relocation process.

Trust is paramount in any boat transport. We instill confidence by offering not just specialized equipment and proven procedures, but a genuine commitment to the well-being of your valued boat. Our experienced team navigates through the nuances, providing a seamless and secure relocation experience that aligns with your expectations. From meticulous planning to executing the transport, we prioritize the safety and security of your cherished sailboat. C and J Transport is the trusted choice for a reliable and stress-free sailboat relocation across the vast expanse of the continental United States.

Why Hire C & J to Move Your Sailboat?

Image of semi-truck hauling a yacht
  • 40+ Years’ Experience
  • Owner Operated Business
  • Fully Insured
  • Licensed
  • Specialized in Yacht Transfer

Licensed and Insured Sailboat Haulers

We are fully licensed and insured with D.O.T. Authority. While every one of our yacht deliveries are insured by our $1 million general liability coverage, our Cargo Insurance is liable for up to $500,000.00. For yachts of higher value, we can arrange for Insurance Riders up to $7 Million.

Payment Options

We accept Credit Cards (VISA, MC and Discover Card), Cash or Wire Transfer for payment.

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